Style a Maxi Skirt w/ Denim

Denim Jacket w/ Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt With Jean JacketMaxi skirt with a cute jean jacket

Look #1

Striped Maxi Skirt and Denim Crop Jacket

Maxi Skirt Paired With a Cute Denim Jacket

Maxi Skirt With Jean Jacket
Maxi skirt with a cute jean jacket


It was so HOT this day. I mean can you see my eyebrows? The sun was literally bothering my eyes. I tried my best to hold a steady look LOL. On another note. As seen here you can never go wrong with a maxi skirt, tank top, and a denim jacket. This crop jacket came with long sleeves but I decided to DIY it and cut off the sleeves. Doing so it gave the jacket a fun and airy look for summer. Not to bad huh? Ah, how I L O V E denim. It’s like an accessory if you will.

According to your preference you can use long sleeves, mid sleeves or as shown above cut off which I LOVE. No worries denim jackets can go with anything no matter the length of sleeves. It gives a pop of accessory as I stated above & like to say. (smiling) If you were inspired by this look and decide to post a photo on Instagram tag me at #CaptionDaFashN I would LOVE to see it!

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