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JORD Wood Watch | DOVER Series Ebony & Copper

JORD Wood WatchJORD Wood Watches Dover Series

Hi, guys!

If there is something you want to know about me, you should know I love watches, whether for my husband or me.  They are great accessories and can really accent your fashion style, especially wooden watches.  JORD Wood Watches have an exclusive line of beautiful timepieces that I think you will love.  I heard of JORD Wood Watches via social media and when they reached out to me I was excited. They asked if my husband and I would be interested in picking from their Valentines Day 2017 men’s wooden wrist watches campaign. So here is what we chose:

JORD Wood Wrist Watch
JORD Wood Watch Dover Series


Design: DOVER series

Color: Ebony & Copper

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Band Thickness: 24mm (0.94 inches…almost an inch)

Battery: Automatic (requires no battery)


Packaging and Shipping

Engraved cedar square durable box with the “J” logo for JORD Wood Watches. You can also customize it to anything you want. You can write your personal message, upload a logo or monogram or, which by the way this is my favorite selection; provide a handwritten message to be engraved. How cool is that! It takes about 3-5 days for engraving but it’s worth it! How does it Work?

JORD Wood Watch In Box
JORD Wood Watch Dover Series



The battery is automatic so you don’t have to worry about changing it. It displays hours, minutes and seconds. This provides easy reading of your time. When looking into a watch, I personally want to make sure humidity doesn’t enter into the glass. So to prevent that and ensure excellent conditions for the storage of your watch it comes with two 2-way humidity packs. These packs last 4-6 months. That is a long time, isn’t it! You can also purchase the 100% natural no artificial chemicals preserve cleaning oil pen to protect the care of your timepiece. It delivers 5 applications. Not bad for a cleaning product. Taking care of my husband’s watch is very important to me. It’s like caring for a diamond ring. It’s valuable to us.

Below are the five beneficial applications included in the preserve cleaning oil pen:

  • Coconut oil & amylum (natural cleaner)
  • Plant-based glycerin (aids in adsorption)
  • Florida orange oil extract (moisturizer)
  • Grain & green plant extracts (natural cleaning agent)
  • Soybean extracts (anti-bacterial powder)

Here are some more helpful tips to help you preserve the life of your watch:

  • Splash proof but should not be submerged in water
  • Apply lemon or orange oil extract on your timepiece to clean the natural wood
  • Store in cedar box with humidity packs
  • Do not store in hot, cold or dry/humid areas


JORD Wood Watch
JORD Wood Watches Dover Series

Fashion Style

In the fashion world you can style this watch in a casual or conservative look. I love it’s versatility and so will you. You can see the mechanics of the watch functioning in real time, plus the motion of the automatic battery mechanical object moving. I’m one that looks and thinks deeply about things. When I look into the internal mechanical functions of the watch, I am intrigued by how it operates; I SIMPLY LOVE IT!


Now that you know a little bit about JORD Wood Watches, I want to share a giveaway that I’m having with them. As we approach Valentine’s Day you can surprise that special man or woman in your life with one of these unique watches. All entrants will receive an e-gift code for $25 off a watch of their choice plus one lucky winner will receive a code for $100 off a watch of their choice! The contest ends on Jan. 22, 2017

Click Here To Enter Giveaway

For more information on the DOVER series wood watch click here.

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  1. This watch is so nice. I love that it’s black. My hubby wouldn’t wear brown so this is a win for him. I love that it looks so masculine and you can see the internal mechanisms, too! Thank you for bringing us this giveaway!

  2. Thank you! My husband loves the internal mechanism. It really does look cool. I’m glad to do this giveaway with JORD. Don’t forget to enter! =)

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