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I’ll be relating to you an exfoliating tool that has a stainless steel edge in which is rust and bacteria free. I was a bit skeptical about it when mentioned to me. But I decided to try it out and review for you.img_4874


The Le Edge Exfoliating Tool comes in a pink and gray box with a clear left side view of the product. The actual Exfoliating Tool is packaged in a clear molded tray securing the device itself.



Cleansing: Le Edge Exfoliating Tool cleanses your skin naturally in a        

non-abrasive way

Hygienic: Rust and Bacteria Free

Design: Ergonomic designed for safe, easy and effective use

Use For: Exfoliate and removes dead skin cells, dirt, instant tan & toxins

Use When: Showering or Bathing


How does it Work?

This exfoliating tool must be used on wet skin when showering, bathing or if not any of these, you can get a bowl of warm water dampen a washcloth in it and apply it in the perspective area where exfoliating.



Instructions for Use:

  • Use on wet skin with warm water
  • Hold at a 45° angle
  • Place your fingers on power grip
  • Exfoliate in preferred area
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Towel dry and apply preferred moisturizer



When Exfolimate sent over this full body exfoliator for me to try for review and share it with you. I was a bit skeptical. I mean come on “No Chemicals – Natural” Exfoliator and plus it’s edge is stainless steel. It did raised and eyebrow but was excited at the same time. You can use the Le Edge Exfoliating Tool in these areas stated below.

  • Clavicle section
  • Legs
  • Feet (Lateral, Medial Arch and heel area)
  • Inward arm by armpits
  • Face

I only tried it on my legs, feet and face. When I tried it on my legs I motion the exfoliating tool from bottom starting by the ankle section working my way up to my knee. I also reverse the motion from the top of my knee to the bottom by the ankles. I didn’t have to do it this way. But, I wanted to to get the full experience review on my legs. When I tried it on my foot as shown in my YouTube video Le Edge Exfoliating Tool Review. I show where I motioned it from the pinky toe to the back of my heel on the lateral side of my foot. I did this 3-4 times and then rinsed with warm water. I noticed it feeling smooth, nice and soft.  I also chose to test it on my face. Unfortunately this was a fail for me. I didn’t feel or saw any difference at all. Damping my face in warm water with a damp cloth, positioning it at a 45° angle and sliding the tool from my lip working my way up to my ear, side temple plus for head. I repeated this 2 times on both sides of my face. All in all, I can honestly say I’ll use it personal for my legs, and feet only. Hopefully this helps you. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can. 

FTC Disclosure: This product was received for free from Exfolimate.

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