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LA Colors Color CrazeLA Colors Color Craze

La Nail Color Color Craze Gel Nail Polish

la color color craze nail polish
la color color craze nail polish

Hello Fashionista’s

I have been a fan for gel polishes before. The nail salon gel polishes where they place your nails inside the UV gel light nail dryer. I stopped doing this process because I’ve heard a couple of negative things regarding it. However, I visited the Dollar Tree store one day for an item that I didn’t find and in the same aisle I found these cute mini gel-like LA Colors nail polishes. I decided to give them a try because I don’t have to place my nails inside a UV nail dryer . Below I have 9 but I want to show you the 4 shades that I think it’s so cute for the fall season. Check out my YouTube video 2016 Fall | L.A. Colors Gel Like Nail Polishes to see swatches and reviews of these nail polishes below and let me know which is your favorite!

My Thoughts as to Why I Chose These Nail Polishes

la colors gel like polish
la color color craze nail polish


GLEAMING: It’s a deep red that can be worn with black, gray and or mauve pink shades of clothing.

STUDDED: This shade would look nice with gray tones of clothing…monochrome gray scale. Gray Planks, Cathedral Gray, and Lava Stone to mention a few.

BEDAZZLED: This shade is so cute. You can wear this with white, off-white also gray and mauve shades of clothing.

REFLECTIVE: This shade is the all in all shade. It’s capable for many collaborations with other shades its unbelievable. It can be worn with black, any shades gray, orange, yellow, pink, white, beige, and brown. I mean limitless choices to say the least.

Below is a photo of a couple of more LA Colors that I purchased not mentioned in my Youtube video. 


  • GLISTEN – (left Pink)
  • ICED – (White)
  • STELLAR – (Black)
  • CHILL – (Tiffany Blue)
  • CLEAR 

You can watch my recent video on these nail color swatches below:

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